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    Dance of the Fairies

    Dance of the Fairies Art Credit Join us as the druids hold a festival! Where we’ll gather under the trees of Tor Carad with some fun activities to take part in. Information Gathering To start of all the festivities, we’ll first learn about the ways of the druids and how to join for those...
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    The Academy of Tor Ascara (Updated)

    The Academy of Tor Ascara (Art credit here) ----------------------------------------------------------------- ~-The Academy of Tor Ascara-~ ~ In the large kingdom of enarion, would be a schoolhouse not too far.. Through thick brushes of trees, long streams, and dirt paths ... One would...
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    The Festival of Beginnings

    The Festival of Beginnings [!] A strange creature watching the festival The Festival of Beginnings pays homage to the Droa’Qahna, and more so about the journey that each follower takes within their lifetime. The festival of beginnings is a gathering of dark elves in celebration for the start...
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    Archon Campaign

    Hello, Dear Citizens of Aellen, I’m Isabel and I’m joining the campaign for Archon. As Archon, I want to help Aellen grow. I’ll do this by taking suggestions from the citizens and put in the work to make those suggestions happen. Everyone’s ideas are valuable in making the city grow and I’ll...
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    Reviewed ItzIzzyKat's Whitelist Application

    What is your Minecraft username? ItzIzzyKat DiscordTag: Izzy#6488 How did you find out about FantasyRP? Friends Character Name: Isabel Character Race: Elf Character Gender: Female Character Age: 18 Skin - Either link your NameMC account with the skin on, or send a screenshot of your skin...