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    Amara Dain

    What an incredibly pretty profile, very cool!
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    Announcement War | Feedback 2 [Nation Leader PKs]

    I honestly think there's no better choice. Both having a rule like this and not having a rule like this has benefits over the other. Either way some parties will be disappointed and others not. I recommend evaluating the current feedback, finalizing the rule and then having a server-wide vote...
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    European roleplayers be like

    pretty much any rp server tbf
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    Finn had recently reunited with Father Lucas, another of the first Wiccans. Finding another gave him hope and happiness in his old age. Together they thought it their purpose to find the remaining Wiccans. This news broke the old Wiccan's heart. Finn had realized that with age the people you...
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    Darken's Feedback Post

    That, or find a better purpose for lapis/emeralds for stonemasons. +1 -Fellow Stonemason
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    Diverse Nation ideas from a AT (Closed Poll)

    Critique: Raj: While I feel like more diversity in nations would be nice, I can't agree on any of the stated ideas. I agree with the previous people that the indian elven nation sounds too 'off' for the landscape/geography. In my opinion it was already quite something to see Fyrmana and their...
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    The death of the Lion

    Finn couldn't help but feel a wave of grief flush over his simple mind. He hadn't cared for noble matters all throughout his Wiccan life, but King Richard I was the first and only to travel to Barwic unguarded merely to share a drink with the commonfolk. He had graced the farmers' presence and...
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    Finn, a simple man, frowned upon the missive and spread his eyes wide. "T-They cast their witchery with blood? Why oh why would you go around tellin' the goodfolk tha' this is possible! Ye might create more blasted witches this way, fools!"
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    Announcement Calendale vs Alliance: Finale

    You handled the situation as professional and fair as you could. You and the other staff members involved did great, thank all of you!
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    ⮞Thomas Smith: Character Profile⮜

    antagonist arc when?
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    psychra_notte's Feedback Post

    You're definitely on to something here! I think the suggestions you put in aren't my favorite though. What makes the wars and raids so accessible, versatile and 'easy' (I suppose) is that it is literally just minecraft pvp. Anyone can participate, anyone can get gear and fight for their side...
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    Reviewed dangerz0ne's Event Team Application

    Though barely anyone will know this absolute unit, this beast of a man, this underdog of ETing skills, this man has incredible writing talent and the creativity to match. Not only has he been ET on different servers I've played on, he has always added to the lore and feel of these previous...
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    man i cannot wait for aegis trading company to sell me their baked goods again

    man i cannot wait for aegis trading company to sell me their baked goods again
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    Finn Moore | A simple Wiccan

    𝐹𝒾𝓃𝓃 𝑀𝑜𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝒢𝐸𝒩𝐸𝑅𝒜𝐿 Full Name: Finnigan Thomas Moore Age: 52 (Started at age 26) Gender: Male Character Status: (Barely) Alive Loyalty: The Wiccan people Marital Status: Single Past Partners: Eleanor Marie Residence: The Shire of Barwic (formerly) The Kingdom of Innse Brenna...
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    politics about cheese