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    The Boch Emporium

    "We might have it, Artifacts, Weapons, You name it!" The Boch Emporium is the newest of the new, The best new business, Located in Qantar, We buy anything of interest and sell anything that isn't particularly 'World Ending'. Commissions -=- You can buy Commissions! These are things I will...
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    To The Elf Haters

    *This seemed to be written by a third party and not by the elf themselves, If it was because they didn't want their writing forged or they couldn't do it wasn't known, The Letter would be posted in various places and it said.* Dear you Flat Eared Fuck/Fucks. My home is not your playpen to toy...
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    Ryasaur's Feedback Post

    Thats true, I'm not a big mage so I will change it to tier 2 and tier 3
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    Ryasaur's Feedback Post

    Yep, I mixed up the titles since they are similar, at least in my eyes.
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    Ryasaur's Feedback Post

    IGN Ryasaur Suggestion, feedback or idea! IGN: Ryasaur I was looking through the spells list through the spell grimoire and have also always heard in multiple vcs, when the topic came up, That water magic is really bad, at least the tier one spells, but I usually defended it, Mainly because of...
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    Guapstar needs an islamic wifu

    Guapstar needs an islamic wifu
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    The Enarion Root!

    *Newspapers are scattered all around Enarion.* The Enarion Root branching out to you today, Sitting under a tree instead of at a desk as I write these papers! The Great Migration The former lothelian citizens and government have been ordered to leave their former resident of the fort very...
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    Failed Diplomacy

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    The news reporter gets offended they were not invited, before debating to herself if news reporting is a business or an organization.
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    More Enarion Root has been posted...

    More Enarion Root has been posted!
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    The Enarion Root!

    *Newspapers seem to be scattered around all nations, There is only one in tor escara, That being on the notice board.* The Enarion Root branching out to you with the newest and most dangerous information! The Best Fisher! The winner of Keno Hakanunan's fishing contest has been declared as...
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    A Message to Enarion

    Nyanna stares at the post and sighs. "This makes my job so much harder.."
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    The news coming straight to you...

    The news coming straight to you!
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    The Enarion Root!

    *Papers seemed to be scattered around all nations.* The Enarion Root branching out to you today to get the newest and spiciest information! =-= The Gaping Maw =-= Not long ago a group of brave soldiers marched into the body of the creature that laid upon the mountain that mounted the fire...