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    2nd Soul, 2nd life, More chance of fun.

    2nd Soul, 2nd life, More chance of fun.
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    The Return of Bronzebeard

    Lodmir Reddson returning from what was possibly his final trip to the Old mines of Ordheim with his pick over his shoulder, hears the commotion... Hearing these statements, laughs loudly as if he had heard a tremendous joke. "Look a'round ya laddeh! The Kings av gone!" Arms outstretched towards...
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    Lodmir Reddson (Worker of the Goldmisers), Agrees with the Family's decision and looks forward to the promised changes.
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    Once the anger had subsided... once everything in the workshop was either smashed or cast aside, Lodmir, son of Reddson was finally still. A King regaining the honor of his people and now resting with the Gods themselves should have filled Lodmir with Pride but only sadness instead. He looked at...
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    Reviewed RicoV's Whitelist Application

    What is your Minecraft username? RicoV DiscordTag: TomR Age (Optional): 29 How did you find out about FantasyRP? Voting Sites Character Name: Lodmir Reddson Character Race: Dwarf Character Gender: Male Character Age: 60 Skin - Either link your NameMC account with the skin...