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  • Skin Commissions Open | USD only
    See the FRP Creator Discord for updates on slot availability and DM me @Pyrias#0887 on Discord for any other questions.
    ➣ I will be taking up to FIVE custom skins for $18 USD, which can be anything from humanoids (within reason) to armour skins (to the best of my ability).
    ➣ I will be taking up to THREE custom Genshin Impact skins for $16 USD as a sort of promotion since I've taken a liking to the game and have seen people playing SMP a lot more with the new 1.17 update.

    Note that these aren't alright to use on FantasyRP for a character as they're third-party media, but I will happily make them for other uses.
    (Prices are negotiable depending on simplicity or complexity!)
    ET Applications are always open! If anyone has questions on the process or the team's duties, shoot me a DM on Discord.
    What does ET do?
    ET handles a variety of different things!
    • Collaborating w/ joint efforts from LT and ET both to host interactions for playables
    • Running elemental fights for those that request them
    • Running AG quests requested through the Adventurer's Guild system
    • Heading the server's narrative with the variety of different event lines it has to offer by its ET members running them
    • Running scheduled events for requested hunts, interactions, explorations, etc.- you name it, there's most likely something that can be handled regarding it
    • Collaborating with AT and other ET members during the Tournament d'Enarion for its carnival and commentator portions
    • Hosting faction interactions with creatures such as the goblins or mushroomites
    • Running pop-up events occasionally for players to spontaneously participate in (WIP for greater implementation, but there's still pop-up events every now and then!)
    • Hosting "raid-like" events for clearing out areas such as domains or dungeons, typically wider-scaled in terms of audience numbers.
    Ultimately, there's no one singular answer for what ET does. After all, ET has a bit of everything depending on the aspects people are interested in running events for. If people wish to apply to join with an interest in hosting AG quests, pop-up events, more puzzle-related eventlines, or so on, there's something for everyone to help with.
    Event Team is always open for applications! If you're interested in contributing to the narrative of Enarion and providing an immersive dynamic for players of all fields of roleplay to enjoy, consider applying today :)
    Becky's Brews has been restocked in Heiyeong and Glarenydd; direct orders are closed. All potions available are stocked, so first come first serve. NO direct orders will be taken! They are all (besides radiant brews) pre-update. This means the effects are greater than the post-update potions that were nerfed.
    A terror unlike any other seems to be finding its way into Enarion! Brave souls can find themselves cloistering around, attempting to rid the land of a threat. Or are they simply fools? Only time will tell.
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