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    The Solstice Solaris Ball

    A notice would be hung up upon the many boards of Enarion and passed into the hands of its denizens. It read: To all whom read this, The Solstice Solaris Ball has not been canceled. It has been moved to the anniversary of the late King Godfrey of Myrfeld's death. For we invite everybody to...
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    Reviewed Villainilla's Lore Application

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    Rest In Peace ~

    Rest In Peace ~
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    She knew this day would come... She knew... Something which she would steel her emotions for. To be truthful, she thought perhaps it would be her whom would be the first to go, either it be by childbirth or perhaps from an assault on her life from Death Knights not even a few days ago... Yet...
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    Reviewed Onnensr's Lore Application

    +10000 Amazing human being and story teller. Pays close attention to details plus wants to continuously help advance story. Great communicator and RPer
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    Reviewed Creature: The Bubble Bee

    I need this for the gardens...
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    milkyi's Moderator Application

    +1 Communicative individual who has shown their love of this community. Has a good head upon her shoulders
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    CHARACTER | Meredith de Retford

    *cough* O d e t t e *cough*
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    The Solstice Solaris Ball

    A familiar Queen sits in one of the newly renovated places within the Calendale castle, a basket of flora upon the floor. Within her hands was a Floral Wreath within the making, "I do hope no one misreads Wreaths as Wraiths... Definitely should make a program for the illiterate one day..."...
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    Odette Asteria

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    The Solstice Solaris Ball

    The Solstice Solaris Ball Pictured above: Ladies and Gentlemen from all parts dancing in the new Calendale ballroom INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO ANY DENIZENS OF: All vassals and people of Calendale (Promdor, Vlachia, Elfmarch, and Reyn) The Kingdom of Shroomden The Emirate of Qantar, The Aellen...
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    Odette Asteria

    another edit... soon to be alot more Added some relations, still wip. Pls leave comment to be added. Fixed ref art. Will get commission soon.
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    Jayce Des'Nox

    I demand an odette relation sometime
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    Official Summer Skin Auction

    Discord Tag: Irene#6816 Skin Name: Sweat Bid(s): 12gc - - Discord Tag: Irene#6816 Skin Name: Among the flowers Bid(s): 6usd