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    Why do we say "find out irp"? Because of the meme of course. It's funny to tell people who are after specific information and rely on their fellow's integrity to tell them, only to be dissapointed by those next to them. But that's not how language works. "Find out irp" has meaning and this meaning is meta-ironically said to those asking for specific information that would have been preferably found out through roleplay. It being meta-ironic shows that it is just a sincere belief that is expressed through a medium usually intrepreted to be ironic/sarcastic, unless if the one saying find out irp is making a parody of those who say fidn out irp. But in this overanalyzing message, I will concentrate on those who meta-ironically or sincerely say "find out irp" - because even I don't want to fall into the deep hole that irony poisoning is.

    Why find it out through roleplay? Because that is the point of their environment, no? Because the usual assumption is that people who either enter or inhabit this certain type of environment - a roleplay server - would enjoy certain activies, that being roleplay. It also is annoying for new players to pester older players about things they should learn by observing and gaining experience, not by pestering and asking for everything.

    So what does that mean - in this haphazard piece of writing that is probably be ignored inside the status post and forgotten? Well, whoever does read this terrible thing, remind yourself that you are not bad when you insist that people obtain their desired knowledge through the activity you also can safely assume they enjoy. Tell an individual everything - and then there is nothing new to acquire, bored gods.

    Saying find out irp in proper situations and not budging is beneficial. Now back to fishing
    Every FRP nation has the:
    - Nation Leader
    - NL-Simp
    - Second in Command everyone laughs at
    - Grinder
    - Wannabe Grinder
    - Retired Grinder
    - DetailRPer
    - Wannabe DetailRPer
    - SRPer
    - Powerhungry New Guy
    - Wholesome person
    - MagicHungry New Guy
    - Mage/Sorcerers
    - Good Clicker
    - Bad Clicker
    - Ugly Clicker
    - Veteran
    - Veteran-Veteran
    - Baby
    - Rich
    - Poor
    - Event maker
    - The guy who should be Second in Command
    - "Last seen 15d+"
    - Multinational Merchant
    - Local Merchant
    - ReligiousRPer
    Feel free to add unto the list
    - Builders (By Pyrias)
    - Troll (By Spicii)
    - Lore Nerd (By Astrophysical)
    - The midget (By Ttsim)
    - trololol (By Haseroth)
    - That one guy who wants to be NL but no one takes serious (By Totalore)
    - The Tree (By Mythri-Studio)
    -the one who no-lifes the server to get nation hours (By Ephi)
    - the renowned failrp’er (By Ephi)
    - the guy that’s toxic but everyone knows he’s joking (By Ephi)
    @Totalore With enough sufficient and enjoyable roleplay, yeah. Of course I won't PK on stupid stuff
    An extravagant answer on your part, Kordunce. I can't wait to partake and bask in amazing roleplay that will lead to the PKing of your character.
    the renowned failrp’er; the guy that’s toxic but everyone knows he’s joking; the one who no-lifes the server to get nation hours
    My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio
    When I was fifteen, sixteen, when I started really to play the guitar. I definitely wanted to become a musician. It was almost impossible because it was, the dream was so big that I didn't see any chance because I was living in a little town.
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    Once you free your mind about a concept of harmony and of music being correct you can do whatever you want so, nobody told me what to do and there was no preconception of what to do
    Sometimes my written lore, videos and every creation reminds me of my past self, a self I sometimes- often - want to return to.
    STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US! IM TIRED OF SEEING IT! My friends on tt send me memes, on disc its memes. I was in a server, right? an ALL of the channels are just AMONG US MEMES! I-I I SHOWED MY CHAMPION UNDERWEAR TO MY GIRLFRIEND AND THE LOGO I FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN AND SAID "Hey BABE, when the underwear SUS HAHAHA, DING DING DING DING DING DING, DING DING DING." I fucking looked at a trashcan I said "THATS A BIT SUSSY" I looked at my penis, I think of the astronauts helmet, and i go "PENIS?! MORE LIKE PEENSUS! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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