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    Dark elf religion.

    Dark elf religion.
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    Reviewed Qizu's Lore Application

    Good writer, creative brain.
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    The Followers of Droa’Qahna A gathering of Xyrh’Rae stood under the falling rain, dressed in black as the group mourned- no, celebrated the life of their lost friend and ally. Unseen to the naked eye as the flames of the pyre lapped at the wrapped body of the fallen elf, a spectral, fatherly...
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    Dark elf.

    Dark elf.
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    Idk man.

    Idk man.
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    Elves and how to identify them

    ". . ."
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    Karl Mannhardt.

    Out of spite, I won't be liking this post. But I will reply just to show Hugh that I'm here.
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    Reviewed Gaelic's Moderator Application

    MC Username: _Gaelic_ DiscordTag: Gaelic#2009 Timezone: MST How many hours per week can you dedicate to the team? Likely somewhere around 20 - 25 hours, depending on the week and strain from college. I also plan on getting a job, which may change activity in the coming months. Are...
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    Reviewed MyLegsAreSharp's Moderator Application

    +1, Good person, has never caused a problem as long as I've known her. Always seems to keep a leveled head.
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    tech and material weary

    tech and material weary
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    Nadroc sat along the front steps of his shop, reading through the letter he held within his scarred right hand. Soon enough he'd set the letter down beside him, golden gaze lifting to observe the full moon above the slumbering town of Rheynland. His left hand lifted, clutching the golden amulet...
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    Reviewed Lleanna's Moderator Application

    easy +1, very enjoyable person to be around, and is nothing but a positive cheerful person.
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    Reviewed Axros's Lore Application

    I love this man. In a way that is border line SUS. He's a great dude, un-problematic entirely, very understanding, empathetic, all around just a good homie. He's not only helped me with ideas for my own lore stuff, he's also already made some of his own. I have absolutely no doubt he would be an...
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    Guild The Free Company

    The Free Company “May the moon guide our steel into the hearts of any criminal scum! They will learn to fear those clad in black and white.” [!] Underneath the eversoothing watch of the full moon, those clad in black and white began to formulate a plan once more. The wayfarer was no longer...