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Once I get a computer that can run Minecraft properly, a decent internet connection, a good schedule to balance playing games with irl responsibilities and motivation to Exist it’s over for you fuckers
tfw demonic horror summoning
We are looking for creative and driven media team members! If you are interested, please apply here:
To be honest, kinda expected my AT application to be denied. However, I am going to try my best to become a better fit and get more well known. So, thanks for being such good sports and fueling my passion to help this server even more!

Even though I was denied, I'm going to try to help new players and explore the world more!
Honeybee really do be working hard, one moment the A.T applications were on pending then the next they were Reviewed. You go girl
A continuation of @Lionfiles 's series: My experience in the Calendale dungeon.

Day 1: Today I haven't been rped with for an entire hour! I had to speak in OOC for my immersion and eventually had to log off to go to bed! The walls aren't appealing, no bed...the floor is cold and damp. I'd rate it a solid 3/10 so far for the stay I have had.

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